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The Irish bouzouki is a development of the Greek bouzouki adapted for Irish traditional and other folk music from the late 1960s onward.

My version will be a 24.9" scale length with a deeper body depth and a guitar style pin bridge.



New body mold and side bending form had to be constructed for this project

Sides bent and end blocks in mold

Kerf cut lining glue up to sides, a rainbow of clamps


Bearclaw Sitka top with Spalted maple rosette

Top brace glue up in Gobar deck


Top and back Braced and voiced. ready to be joined to the sides

Top tap tuning using FFT frequency analasis. Audacity program on laptop and Zoom H2

Body ready for attaching the back


Checking top flex with 5lb weight and dial indicator

Setting neck angle with indicator and straight edge

Aligning neck to centerline of body using jig located in the truss rod slot with 1/4" pins

Neck rough aligned with body, will be adjusted as needed after neck shaping.

Hipshot tuners 18:1 ratio

TrueChannel binding routing jig


Lace wood binding and tail graft