Indian Rosewood Botanical Name: (Dalbergia latifolia) East Indian rosewood in India is controlled by the Indian government. Dalbergia latifolia tends to be harvested from Tea plantations where it is used as a shade tree. Sometimes sissoo, shisham, etc, (Dalbergia sissoo) is used as a substitute which is similar in structure and tonally similar, being reflective and producing a deep warm projective bass response. Sources of supply have been well managed, reliable and of consistently high quality. Dalbergia latifolia is typically richly grained with dark purple, red, and brown color. One of the most stable rosewoods. Easy to work, to bend, to glue, etc. It has a warm, rich, responsive tone that has clear, tight bass and a sparkling midrange with bright trebles






Spalted Maple Rosette











Bridge making steps outline shaping, saddle slot and pinholes

Bridge making steps final shaping