Black Limba Botanical Name: (Terminalia superba) COMMON NAMES: generally known in the US as afara, korina, white limba, and black limba. It is all the same tree. COLOR: There are three colors of limba. A "normal" tree has off-white sapwood and is sometimes yellowish or even pale brown and the heartwood is similarly colored and not clearly differentiated from the sapwood. These two types of limba and are virtually indistinguishable although sometimes the heartwood will be darker brown. The sapwood and heartwood of this version is white limba. The third limba, which is the somewhat more rare heartwood, has varying degrees of irregular black streaking,that can create some beautiful patterns. This is called "black limba". There is no such thing as a white or black limba tree. Black limba is about the same as mahogany in weight, hardness and texture.

My collection of Dollar store spring clamps, you can never have enough when gluing on the kerf lining

Top and back joined and rim assembled




My favorite task shaping braces with my prewar Stanely planes and a chissel


Parts ready to close the box

Bracing complete and top and back voiced

Sitka top and Black Limba back

Black Limba rosette on Sitka top

Top being glued to the rim using gobars and deck

Top on rim last chance to see the inside, back will soon be on

Back glue up in gobar deck

Box completed

Nice view of the Black Limba back

Sanding sides flat in preperation for routing for the binding

Black Limba butt wedge Ebony binding and B/W/B purfling

Cool figure on the Limba, accented nice with the Ebony binding

AAA grade Sitka Spruce top with just a hint of Bearclaw figure