Bubinga Small Jumbo

Bubinga is also know as African Rosewood but is not a Rosewood. This is a wonderful wood in every respect. It is as hard as the rosewoods, but has a finer texture with no pores to fill. It bends easily and holds it's shape. The brownish-purple color is close enough to rosewood to look familiar.Some of the Waterfall and Pomelle figured pieces are truly spectacular. Bubinga is a wood that deserves more recognition.

Lutz Spruce top and bracing, Bubinga back and sides

Completed rim, joined top and back

Rosette rings Bubinga center with Black/Maple outer rings

Close up of rosette

Rim, top and back ready to assemble the box

Top and back bracing

Top and back ready to assemble to rim





Box closed ready for binding


Binding routing jig (StewMac True Channel)

That would be me grey hair and all routing for binding

Binding and purfling installed

Back view with binding

Purfling and rosette up close

Pores filled on neck and body

I really love the look of Bubinga under Z-poxy

From this point final top sanding the mask and spray with shellac sealer

Headstock veneered and inlayed with Paua abalone

In the spray booth

Back view in spray booth

The guitar is buffed and the neck is clamped in place while the glue cures

Bridge clamped in place, strings real soon

The guitar is completed.



Ebony overlay front and back, Paua Abalone inlay

Goroh 210 Delta Tuners 21:1 ratio



Real pretty figure on the Bubinga, one of my favorite woods

Lutz spruce top, Bubinga rosette and purfling